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7 years

7 years

I’m sorry to be emerging from my silence with such bad news, but there it is… 7 years ago, when I had been searching high and low for a Boston Terrier, a vet friend called to tell me that a pregnant one had been abandoned at his clinic. They didn’t know what to do with...

not amused

She actually really wanted to be a pirate.

basket case (i know, too easy)

I bought a bike a couple of weeks ago, and went straight from the bike store to the pet store to buy a backpack in which to put Comet for our rides. Unfortunately, she’s way too big for any of the models, and it was with a (slightly) heavy heart that I went on my...

eh, never mind

Overheard at Couche Tard tonight: - What a beautiful doggie you have! Hi doggie! (Puts hand up to Doggie. Doggie sniffs suspiciously.) - Be careful, I think she’s gonna bark. - Jennifer? Her name’s Jennifer? - No, Comet. - Ah, Thomas. Hi Thomas! You’re really cute! - She’s gonna bark. - She cannot bark? How...

canine moment of joy

Happiness is a stick of your own.

how to make a decision

Jonathan and I babysat the lovely Daisy over the weekend, which left us thinking about getting another dog. Comet would be less lonely, and having a dog each is fun when we go out. However, we thought, the Boston Terrier is the best dog for our lifestyle, and we could not possibly improve on that....

lucky guess

This evening, I was sitting at my computer and Comet was eating, when all of a sudden she starting making a very laboured breathing noise, her chest heaving as she struggled to breathe. Then all noise stopped as I saw her trying to vomit without success. She was choking! I wonder if this works on...


Comet has taken to licking the couch. Any and every couch. I don’t know why. I’m thinking about entering her into an audition for a doggie clothing catalog. Because let’s face it, when it comes to Boston Terriers, she’s Evangeline frikkin Lilly.

weekend adventures

This weekend, I described this blog as “basically me, but without the life” because most of the interesting, most blogworthy stuff is unbloggable. It usually either falls under too personal or too NDA-risky. And sure enough, in an incredibly eventful weekend, the only bloggable event is a little misadventure that befell a Boston terrier. So...

canine cohabitation

When you live with someone, you often develop little quirky cohabitation habits that only the two of you know about. I have one of those with Comet. See, when she stands on her hind legs, she often farts audibly. And now I’m so used to this, that I know when she’s up to no good,...

café le réveil du maître

This is just a little plug for a nice discovery I made about a month ago: café Le Réveil du Maître. It’s a lovely café that admits dogs. You can enjoy a relaxed, sunny atmosphere and have coffee and muffins, while your pet runs around freely playing with friends. I like the fact that it...

the year of the dog starts today

Like it’s ever any other year.
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