Videogame producer living in Montreal. Dog person, politics junkie, runner, frustrated artist.

If you see someone running in Lafontaine Park one evening, with a little dog (I don’t know, say a Boston Terrier), running by her side, painstakingly trained to stay close and not run off, and if you’re above the age of four, and you run up to the dog SCREAMING at it and stamping your feet, terrifying it into running into its mistress’ legs, a tree, or worse, the street, you will be punched in the larynx. Dumbass.

(Yes, I use a leash, but lightspeedpooch is very fast and strong.)

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oh, look at the kittyI got a strange mail from someone I’ve never met, commenting about a few things about the site, like the fact that I’m not cool because Jean Chrétien has probably smoked pot and I still haven’t. But hey, I got called a Faschist at breakfast today, so I already knew it wasn’t my popular day.

Anyway, he finished by asking if I, on the off chance, had seen his kitty Fritz, whom he misses badly. Fritz went missing on the Plateau about a month ago.

So please, keep an eye out for Fritz, and if you see him please contact Alex. I’m told Fritz likes to hang around people smoking the wacky tabacky. He’s a cool cat.

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