Things have definitely been fast and furiously paced in the last little while, a tempo I’m glad to find myself still very comfortable with. In addition to working intensely and enjoyably on the game, quite a few fun personal events have taken place.

Pikoti’s five-year-old son came to stay with us for a few days last week; what a strange and new experience. Although I was a little nervous about being a sorta-step-girlfriend-or-whatever for a while, it went very well. The big surprise wasn’t that having a kid around takes up every minute of your attention and every joule of energy; I was rather well-prepared for that. Rather, I was stunned by how much more time needs to be budgeted to get anything done with a kid. And after just a day or so, I found myself becoming one of those people who talk about the kid all the time.

After this momentous meeting, we went to Paris to stay with Pikoti’s parents, both of them shrinks. With regular business visits to HQ, Paris has somewhat become for me synonymous with a conference room in Montreuil (the Longueuil of Paris). I hadn’t really had time to build up too many expectations about this Easter weekend stay.

But Paris being what it is, I didn’t have to look for anything to be blown away. It was a gorgeous sunny 25C, we enjoyed incredible food and drink (ahhh, Conté), and I spent a fortune as Pikoti took me on a veritable tour of all the best shops. One nighttime dinner and walk in Montmartre particularly moved me; the place looked very much to me like Québec City, and after almost a year in northern England it was touching to be (sort of) in the homeland.

We’re now concluding two days in sunny London before returning to Newcastle tonight.

As for work, Driver San Francisco has come under media attention again, with positive cover stories in Joy-Pad and GamesMaster this week. Watch this space for links to those and other stories.